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Week 6 and a small challenge / bit of fun for you.

You’ll need a PC / Pad and an Excel Viewer to do this sorry!!

Everyone reckons they’re pretty good a recognising films, but how good are you when the image is missing something??

Download the excel file and fill in the film names, the person with the most / 1st person to get all 60 right and send it back to me will get a kindle copy of 50 Shades of Blonde on its release.

Under each image are 2 boxes, type your guess in the top one and a hint / correct or wrong will appear in the bottom one.

Film Title Quiz


Have a good weekend, good luck & see you all next week!!



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Try to recognise as many as possible. Most are music based, but some may be well known characters from real life, tv or film. The first answer is filled out correctly as an example… Good Luck !