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One of my linguistics professors in grad school had a strange sense of humor that appealed to me greatly. He didn’t see a need to divide work and pleasure; exams regularly contained jokes, puns, and strange juxtapositions, and every class session was filled with laughter. When this professor needed to make up a word in an imaginary language to use as an example, he wouldn’t give it a common meaning like “mother” or “tree”; he’d instead gloss the word as “flagpole sitter,” “hubcap thief,” or something similarly odd. He constantly urged us not to take our homework too seriously and to ask annoying questions of the other professors. I think this lighthearted attitude helped us all to learn better, and it certainly brightened the classroom atmosphere.

How Near This
Class discussion had a remarkable tendency to stray from the planned lesson, though invariably it went in interesting (and linguistically useful) directions. One day, someone in the class mentioned the word metathesis, which is the phenomenon that occurs when two adjacent sounds are swapped (as in “aks” for “ask”). Without missing a beat, the professor said, “Oh yes, this reminds me of spoonerisms,” and proceeded to recite, rapidly and perfectly, the tale of the Mion and the Louse. We were stunned and delighted by his brilliant display of linguistic prowess. It’s not easy to make mistakes like that on purpose.

A spoonerism is like metathesis but instead of affecting adjacent sounds within a single word, it’s spread out across two or more words (sometimes with intervening words)—for example “hat rack” becomes “rat hack”; “light a fire” becomes “fight a liar.” Some spoonerisms instead transpose vowel sounds (“I fool like a feel” instead of “I feel like a fool”). Because mistakes like this are involuntary slips of the tongue, they don’t always result in real words (you might say “key tup” for “tea cup,” for instance), but the funniest and most memorable spoonerisms change the meaning of a sentence completely (as in “I’m biting a rook” in place of “I’m writing a book.”)

A Speecher Named Tuner
I have mentioned my hope that my name never gets distorted into an adjective or other part of speech. But if history remembers me for anything, I trust it will be for something more auspicious than a tendency to mix up my words, as was the case with the Reverend William Archibald Spooner, a member of New College, Oxford, from 1862 to 1924. Spooner was a small man and an albino. His head was disproportionately large, and he had poor eyesight. But he was kind, well-liked, and extremely intelligent—so much so that his mouth couldn’t keep up with his brain. He therefore developed a reputation for frequent verbal blunders.

Spooner himself was seldom aware of making these mistakes, and some people believe the quotes attributed to him were apocryphal. In any case, he is credited with such classics as “a blushing crow” (instead of “a crushing blow”), “you’ve tasted two worms” (instead of “you’ve wasted two terms”), and a toast to “our queer old Dean” (instead of “our dear old Queen”). He navigated the streets of Oxford on a well-boiled icicle, and reminded parishioners in one of his sermons that “the Lord is a shoving leopard.” By the time he was in his fifties, the term “spoonerism” had become a common noun, but as far as I can tell Spooner accepted this dubious distinction with gracious good humor. A legend in his own time, he lives on in our marts and hinds. —Joe Kissell

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More Information about Spoonerisms…

You can read the tale of the Mion and the Louse on WishFaery. For best results, read it out loud.

A book of spoonerisms titled Stoopnagle’s Tale Is Twisted by Keen James is an updated version of Colonel Lemuel Q. Stoopnagle’s 1945 book My Tale Is Twisted. It contains spoonerized versions of Aesop’s fables and numerous other nursery rhymes.

More spoonerism resources:

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Week 9 and a call to arms (literally)

Blood / Platelet Donation,

Let me start this by telling you what made me start donating.

On August the 11th 1999 during the solar eclipse my Grandma died, she had been battling various forms of cancer for the previous few years, during this time she needed a lot of blood & chemo and as she was the same blood type as me something clicked in my head and said I should be donating my blood to replace what she had needed.

Now my father had been a long time blood donor & latterly a Platelet donor, but my fear of needles had held me off following in his footsteps doing this.

This major event in my life made me power through and man up and for the next 15 years (with a couple of gaps for getting tattoos) I donated blood every 3-4 months, then in 2014 I made the change to platelet donation, this gave me the opportunity to donate almost every month as the red blood cells are returned into my body.

Platelet donation is used slightly differently to Whole Blood donation and is used mainly in the following ways;

  • Treatment for Chemotherapy
  • Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Life threatening bleeding
  • To treat severe blood disorders

Just 1 platelet donation can help 3 adults or 12 children!!

The only lifestyle change I had to make for platelet donation is to cut back on fatty foods & cheese around the donation date as it clouds the sample and they can’t tell if it’s good or not, which isn’t a bad change to my diet really.

It takes a little longer than normal donation (about 1-1½ hours) but there are great nurses on hand with Tea / Biscuits / Sandwiches and a chat if you want any of them.

If you’re not on the organ donation for whatever reason, then maybe think about either blood or platelet donation, just an hour out of your life every month or 30 minutes every 3 months and you can help lots of people.

They have even started to send you a text telling you what hospital your donation has been issued to which is a nice little touch.

They need blood & platelet donations 365 days a year and especially around Christmas so if you’re thinking about it now is a great time.

Find out more below & the location of your nearest donation session;


Have a good weekend, see you all next week!!


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Week 8 and a small challenge / bit of fun for you.

Similar one to a couple of weeks ago Download the excel file and fill in the Artist & Song from the lyrics, the person with the most / 1st person to get all of them right and send it back to me will get a kindle copy of 50 Shades of Blonde on its release.



Have a good weekend, good luck & see you all next week!!


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Week 6 and a small challenge / bit of fun for you.

You’ll need a PC / Pad and an Excel Viewer to do this sorry!!

Everyone reckons they’re pretty good a recognising films, but how good are you when the image is missing something??

Download the excel file and fill in the film names, the person with the most / 1st person to get all 60 right and send it back to me will get a kindle copy of 50 Shades of Blonde on its release.

Under each image are 2 boxes, type your guess in the top one and a hint / correct or wrong will appear in the bottom one.

Film Title Quiz


Have a good weekend, good luck & see you all next week!!



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So it happened!

Change is inevitable some people say.

But even the best of us didn’t see this coming.

The world has changed for ever in November 2016.

You will remember this date, when you children ask in years to come. “Why did it happen dad”

And you wont be able to answer.

Nobody understands why it happened.

Is it the dealings of an undercover KGB operation?

Is it part of the New World Order?

Is it just down to Greed?


Well there is no going back, its done and there is only 1 person to blame!!!


Mondelēz International, Inc., formerly Kraft Foods!

Why did you do it!!

Don’t mess with our Toblerone!

Christmas and Duty Free will never be the same again.

RIP Toblerone i’m off to get a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.