Big Pete’s Bucket List

100 Things to do Before I Die

Life is too short and you never know how long you going to get so with that in mind it was time to create my Bucket List (impending mid-life crisis ahoy!!)

I’ll probably not manage them all, some of them are pretty out there and I’m getting no younger!!

I’ve tried to break it down into sections and I’ll post updates when I manage to knock things off the list.

28/97 Complete (29% Done)


1. Swim the Great North SwimDone on the 18/06/2011
2. Run a Half Marathon Done on the 16/09/2012
3. Run a Marathon
4. Take Part in a TriathalonDone on the 16/07/2014
5. Do a Bungee JumpDone!
6. Start a Chant in a StadiumDone on the 04/06/2008
7. Swim with Dolphins
8. Make a Hole in One
9. Learn to Scuba Dive – Done BSAC Ocean Diver in May 2015, Sports Diver in October 2015
10. Become a Black Belt in a Martial Art
11. Watch a Football Match at Old Trafford
12. Watch a Rugby Match at Twickenham
13. Try Skiing /Snowboarding
14. Try Surfing – Done on the 16/04/1995
15. See the F1 at Monaco


16. Visit North AmericaDone in November 2009
17. Visit Asia
18. Visit Australia / New Zealand
19. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
20. Touch an Iceberg
21. See the Northern Lights
22. Go to the Top of the Statue of Liberty
23. Go to the Top of the Empire State BuildingDone on the 27/11/2009
24. Visit the Great Wall of China
25. Fly 1st Class / Business Class
26. Straddle the Equator
27. Visit every Continent – (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, North America, South / Central America, Antarctica)
28. See the Pyramids at Giza, Egypt
29. Visit a Live Volcano
30. Visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xian
31. See the Big Heads on Easter Island
32. Go to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
33. Go to Oktoberfest in Bavaria, Germany
34. Gamble in VegasDone January 2012
35. Travel into Space (Kinda relying on a lottery win and Virgin Galactic here!!)
36. Climb a Major World Mountain (e.g. Kilimanjaro or Mount Everest)
37. Stand at either the North or South Pole
38. Float in the Dead Sea, Jordan
39. Visit the Vatican City
40. Visit Stonehenge
41. Visit the Grand Canyon
42. Spend a Week Partying in Ibiza
43. Stop in the Ice Hotel
44. Drive a left hand drive abroadDone on the 27/06/2012
45. Visit all 50 US States – 5/50 Done
46. See the Panama Canal – Done on the 08/06/2013


47. Work / Live in Another Country
48. Start My Own BusinessDone!
49. Write and Publish a Book – Done 10th December 2016
50. Write and Publish an iPhone App
51. Build up a Company to the Point Where I Don’t Really do Anything
52. Participate in a Police Lineup
53. Be an Extra in a MovieDone in 2011/2012 – Managed to not only be an extra but a named actor with IMDB listing! – IMDB
54. Sit on a Jury


55. See Les MiserablesDone 16/02/2016
56. See Wicked
57. Visit the Natural History Museum
58. Go to a Red Carpet Film Premiere
59. See the Tutankhamen Exhibit
60. Properly Learn a Foreign Language
61. See the Monalisa
62. Learn to Play the Saxaphone
63. See the Catacombs of Paris
64. Go to the Edinburgh Festival
65. Go to a Major Music Festival
66. Learn British Sign Language – Started May 2018


67. Take my CBTDone on the 31/07/2011
68. Take my Motorbike Theory TestDone on the 01/10/2011
69. Take my Motorbike Test
70. Take my PPL (Private Pilots License)
71. Take my PPL-H (Private Pilots License – Helicopter)
72. Drive a Super CarDone on the 30/05/2009
73. Ride in a LimoDone on the 29/12/2011
74. Ride a Camel
75. Restore a VW Beetle
76. Own a Convertible
77. Ride a Unicycle
78. Own a Brand New car


79. Get EngagedDone on the 27/11/2009
80. Get MarriedDone on the 29/12/2011
81. Start a Family – Done on the 22/10/2014
82. Donate Blood RegularlyHave done since i was 18
83. Design & Build my Own House
84. Learn to Cook …. Properly
85. Trace my Family Tree including my Nan’s side (Tricky)
86. Be Completely Debt Free (No Mortgage)
87. Have a Six Pack … Just 1 More Time!
88. Be a God Parent

Miscellaneous & Just Plain Odd

89. Have someone famous’s number in my mobile
90. See a Total Lunar Eclipse – Seen quite a few can’t remember the first time though
91. See a Total Solar EclipseDone on the 11/08/1999
92. See Haley’s CometDone on the 09/02/1986
93. Have Something Named After Me (e.g. a Street)
94. Do Something Big for Charity
95. Get a Tattoo
96. Learn to Whistle with my Fingers
97. Learn to Juggle
98. Own a Tailored Suit
99. TBC
100. TBC

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