Start my Own Business – Date: March 2001 – Present Day

When living back in Carnforth back in 2001 I had been fixing up PC’s and doing websites for friends for a while when I decided to make a go of it and set up PBS Web Design, I started over the years to offer CAD products as well so the company became PBS Design.
More recently the company has moved in Project Management, and in the interest of the continuing expansion and maybe one day future acquisitions it became PBS Design Group.

The company now provides two distinct strains, firstly IT @ PBS Design Group provides, Websites / PC Repair / Virus Removals, and Design @ PBS Design Group provides CAD services including Planning and Building Regulation Drawings.

The site is available at PBS Design Group.


UPDATE: As of February 2010 PBS Design Group is now PBS Design (Architectural & IT Services) Limited. I am now finally a Director of my own company.