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So in the early hours of this morning we wake to find Donald Trump is the next POTUS.

This was always going to happen and let’s rewind a little to see the warning signs.

We had a small heads up in the UK elections, yes a mainstream political party won but UKIP polled in 3rd place by number of votes. Now some of this is undoubtedly down to generational “racism” but a lot of it is down to the backlash against outside interference in the running of our country. Telling us we can’t deport prisoners, who crosses our borders, where to fish etc. This dints the pride of a once powerful nation and saw people use their votes in protest …. which isn’t always a bad thing and in the UK caused the mainstream political parties to listen and start to change a bit.

Roll that across the pond and you see a very similar story. A once great country being told what it can and can’t do by the world and borders that appear to be leaking, coupled with unemployment and you have the kindling for a fire of unrest.

You will probably now see the US retreating from interfering in the world stage and concentrating on its domestic issues.

Now I imagine Donald is in a similar position to Nigel Farage, a man who deep down never really expected to win and now has slight panic that he will be held to account politically.

We will probably not see a full 4 years, a likely impeachment / assassination attempt or just politically falling apart.

But stranger things have happened like some people have said if he manages to surround himself with good people and not yes men he could have a positive impact?

What it does show the world stage once again is that the main stream parties need to wake up and smell the coffee, the natives are restless and hungry for change.

What immediately seems racist is probably more routed in protectionism (with a small minority solely basing it on racist views). People are scared of the changing world and feel the only way to prevent it is to retreat inside their shells (borders) & look after number 1.

In the end, whats happened has happened, be it Brexit or the US elections. Things have changed. The world has changed. We just have to hope that some how as a “world” we all come together again out the other side.