Friday Thoughts – Are we in the Matrix?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Week 7 let’s go deep again.

Most of you have seen the Matrix (at least 1 of them) or The Truman show, doesn’t a little voice at the back of your head just wonder if they’re true?


Now while myself I’m agnostic and believe in a science / engineering based explanation for everything and I don’t believe in a Traditional God per say there is always the niggling doubt that maybe something is controlling destiny, the way certain things just seem to happen at the right time just when you think they won’t.

Could the solar system be a small plaything of an alien race, is it just an experiment on a giant game of celestial chess?

Why every time to we beat a disease / famine disaster does another one replace it, is this an external driven population control?

Are people who can see the future just people who saw glitches in the matrix?

Are we fully in the matrix and everything is just a computer simulation, when the world ends it just resets and starts again at level 3 with a new set of inhabitants? (Level 1 being the dinosaurs of course)

How did Nostradamus draw a light bulb 100’s of years before electricity, or the occupations and date of the Challenger Disaster?

How did the Simpsons predict Donald Trump for president, closely followed by Lisa Simpson who looks like Hilary Clinton?

If you take a minute and step back and say there is no freedom of choice, it’s already written and no matter what you do the outcome is what was going to happen anyway, it could explain these, but it’s a scary thought to have no control over destiny.

Maybe I’ve just played far too much Civilisation / Populous / Sim City growing up 🙂

If this is all one big TV show though I just hope its Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough doing the voice over.

Have a good weekend, see you all next week

(Unless the overlords read this and take me out of the Matrix!!)



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