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Monday, October 17, 2016

As the father of a 2 year old you find yourself immersed in kids TV at some point & to keep yourself from slipping into a coma you start to look at the subtext that your toddler just can’t see, I can’t complain too much we did pretty well and missed the whole Baby TV channel as he was more interested in the heavy beats from the Clubland & MTV Dance music channels.

Here is a few things I’ve picked up from the shows as I’ve gone along and now you’ve read them you can’t unsee them;


Fireman Sam


  1. For a small village of approx 10 people they have a helicopter mountain rescue, 3 fire vehicles and a lifeboat & no visitors!
  2. How Norman Price isn’t in borstal or been taken away by Social Services I’ll never know
  3. … although Norman is the only ginger kid with no obvious father and Fireman Sam is also red haired & the fire service never press charges …. coincidence??
  4. … also backed up by when Trevor says to Norman’s mum he used to be a boy scout she says “I love a man in uniform”
  5. Why do none of these people have causal clothes, the fire brigade / plumber etc all go to every event in uniform?


In the Night Gardennight

  1. There is definitely some shenanigans going on between Iggle Piggle & Upsy Daisy!
  2. Makka Pakka has a very strange fetish for washing people to the point where people run away from him.
  3. The Tomliboos …. not sure if these are really close brothers & sisters or a polygamous couple?


Peppa Pigpeppa

  1. Unbelievably sexist program, anything good is done by Mummy Pig and anything wrong / clumsy is always Daddy pig.
  2. That Peppa is so bossy i can’t wait until George grows up and give her what for!



Abney & Tealpg18-19-abney-teal-and-neep-1

  1. Is nobody looking for this homeless kid living on an island? Broken Britain I tell ya!
  2. What is that cross between an old man / teddy bear / mole?




Oh well that’s it for this week. Have a good weekend!



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