Creative Ideas

Monday, December 21, 2015

In any brainstorm / thought cloud session ideas come thick and fast if you have the right cross discipline team involved from the start. The hard work then comes with filtering these ideas down, this can by done by breaking each thought / idea down into a category.

In the main ideas fall into 4 categories when relating them to business & sales;

Business Added Value – This is something that would get us more sales or reduce the cost in manpower / materials or time, but the customer doesn’t see any added benefit.

Customer Added Value – This is something that the customer sees as an improvement to the product either through design / cost or lead time, but it may cost the company more in manpower or materials.

Lose/Lose – This is something that falls into costing the business more money & reduces the customer perception of the product (Avoid at all costs)

Win/Win – This is an idea that will speed up production / reduce costs to the business, bring more sales & the customer sees the added value of the product with an improved perception (This is the ideal scenario)

There will always be certain points of cross over but as long as you aim to improve perception or reduce costs it will ultimately bring more sales & profits to the business.

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