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Week 7 let’s go deep again.

Most of you have seen the Matrix (at least 1 of them) or The Truman show, doesn’t a little voice at the back of your head just wonder if they’re true?


Now while myself I’m agnostic and believe in a science / engineering based explanation for everything and I don’t believe in a Traditional God per say there is always the niggling doubt that maybe something is controlling destiny, the way certain things just seem to happen at the right time just when you think they won’t.

Could the solar system be a small plaything of an alien race, is it just an experiment on a giant game of celestial chess?

Why every time to we beat a disease / famine disaster does another one replace it, is this an external driven population control?

Are people who can see the future just people who saw glitches in the matrix?

Are we fully in the matrix and everything is just a computer simulation, when the world ends it just resets and starts again at level 3 with a new set of inhabitants? (Level 1 being the dinosaurs of course)

How did Nostradamus draw a light bulb 100’s of years before electricity, or the occupations and date of the Challenger Disaster?

How did the Simpsons predict Donald Trump for president, closely followed by Lisa Simpson who looks like Hilary Clinton?

If you take a minute and step back and say there is no freedom of choice, it’s already written and no matter what you do the outcome is what was going to happen anyway, it could explain these, but it’s a scary thought to have no control over destiny.

Maybe I’ve just played far too much Civilisation / Populous / Sim City growing up 🙂

If this is all one big TV show though I just hope its Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough doing the voice over.

Have a good weekend, see you all next week

(Unless the overlords read this and take me out of the Matrix!!)



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Week 6 and a small challenge / bit of fun for you.

You’ll need a PC / Pad and an Excel Viewer to do this sorry!!

Everyone reckons they’re pretty good a recognising films, but how good are you when the image is missing something??

Download the excel file and fill in the film names, the person with the most / 1st person to get all 60 right and send it back to me will get a kindle copy of 50 Shades of Blonde on its release.

Under each image are 2 boxes, type your guess in the top one and a hint / correct or wrong will appear in the bottom one.

Film Title Quiz


Have a good weekend, good luck & see you all next week!!



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An interesting info-graphic from one of my suppliers.

Funny how many engineering solutions either stem from nature or have already been solved by mother nature herself.



We all have a group of friends / acquaintances that surround us.

With the rise of Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter people can say they have 1000’s of friends, but if you’re honest you haven’t really, you’ve got 100’s of people you went to school with / bumped into that one time in a meeting and haven’t actually spoken to in real life let alone on social media in years, but you like to keep an eye on what they’re doing, more stalking victims than friends. 🙂


Real friends are the sort that you can go months without seeing but a 2 hour phone call to them and your all caught up on things and set the world to rights.

They’re the ones that when your car is broken down they’re on the phone offering assistance or to even loan you a car / lifts until you get sorted.

The ones that no matter what’s going on in their life at the moment see you in need and come to the rescue.

They’re probably the God Parents to your kids / Best Man / Ushers / Bridesmaids. goes so far to define the word friend in some of the following ways;

  • A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal
  • A person who gives assistance; patron;
  • A person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not
  • A person associated with another as a contact on a social-media

Your probably sat there now thinking about those people who are in this “top” list, when did you last see them / catch up … go on give them a ring / fire that message on Facebook, have that catch up etc.

Friends are a bit like Arseholes ….. We all have them even if we rarely see them, some of them even smell a bit funny but we all need them and would be screwed without them. 🙂


Have a good weekend, see you all next week!!


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So in the early hours of this morning we wake to find Donald Trump is the next POTUS.

This was always going to happen and let’s rewind a little to see the warning signs.

We had a small heads up in the UK elections, yes a mainstream political party won but UKIP polled in 3rd place by number of votes. Now some of this is undoubtedly down to generational “racism” but a lot of it is down to the backlash against outside interference in the running of our country. Telling us we can’t deport prisoners, who crosses our borders, where to fish etc. This dints the pride of a once powerful nation and saw people use their votes in protest …. which isn’t always a bad thing and in the UK caused the mainstream political parties to listen and start to change a bit.

Roll that across the pond and you see a very similar story. A once great country being told what it can and can’t do by the world and borders that appear to be leaking, coupled with unemployment and you have the kindling for a fire of unrest.

You will probably now see the US retreating from interfering in the world stage and concentrating on its domestic issues.

Now I imagine Donald is in a similar position to Nigel Farage, a man who deep down never really expected to win and now has slight panic that he will be held to account politically.

We will probably not see a full 4 years, a likely impeachment / assassination attempt or just politically falling apart.

But stranger things have happened like some people have said if he manages to surround himself with good people and not yes men he could have a positive impact?

What it does show the world stage once again is that the main stream parties need to wake up and smell the coffee, the natives are restless and hungry for change.

What immediately seems racist is probably more routed in protectionism (with a small minority solely basing it on racist views). People are scared of the changing world and feel the only way to prevent it is to retreat inside their shells (borders) & look after number 1.

In the end, whats happened has happened, be it Brexit or the US elections. Things have changed. The world has changed. We just have to hope that some how as a “world” we all come together again out the other side.