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So it happened!

Change is inevitable some people say.

But even the best of us didn’t see this coming.

The world has changed for ever in November 2016.

You will remember this date, when you children ask in years to come. “Why did it happen dad”

And you wont be able to answer.

Nobody understands why it happened.

Is it the dealings of an undercover KGB operation?

Is it part of the New World Order?

Is it just down to Greed?


Well there is no going back, its done and there is only 1 person to blame!!!


Mondel─ôz International, Inc., formerly Kraft Foods!

Why did you do it!!

Don’t mess with our Toblerone!

Christmas and Duty Free will never be the same again.

RIP Toblerone i’m off to get a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.