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Here we go week 4!

Despite the title this one does have a humorous ending.

First of all you’re going to need a piece of paper & a pen or pencil …. Off you go.

Got them? Good then let us begin.

We all know that person in the group who can read body language and is an expert on people, no? Oh well they are probably lurking in the group watching you all for their dissertation.

I’ve met a few actual training psychologists in my time through friends and occasionally you look at their partner and you wonder if it’s more like they’re a study case than a husband / wife!

Anyway here’s a bit of light-hearted fun…. Complete the first section before skipping to the end for your 100% accurate and official analysis 🙂



Draw the Pig






On a blank piece of paper draw a pig. Then scroll down and read the interpretation of your pig!!

Draw your pig first!  And don’t look at the next part until you are done!  It won’t be fun if you look first!!!

The pig serves as a useful test of the personality traits of the drawer.

If the pig is drawn;


  • Toward the top of the paper, you are positive and optimistic.
  • Toward the middle, you are a realist.
  • Toward the bottom, you are pessimistic, and have a tendency to behave negatively.


  • Facing left, you believe in tradition, are friendly, and remember dates (birthdays, etc.)
  • Facing right, you are innovative and active, but don’t have a strong sense of family, nor do you remember dates.
  • Facing front (looking at you), you are direct, enjoy playing devil’s advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions.
  • Facing away & looking back over its shoulder at you … you have issues & an anal fixation … seriously get help!!


  • With many details, you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.
  • With few details, you are emotional and naïve, you care little for details and are a risk-taker.


  • With less than 4 legs showing, you are insecure or are living through a period of major change.
  • With 4 legs showing, you are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals.


  • The size of the ears indicates how good a listener you are. (The bigger the better)


  • The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life!!!! (And again more is better!)


OK, who didn’t draw a tail???


Have a good weekend, catch you next week.



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Here we go week 3!

I’m trying to alternate these with a heartfelt serious one followed by a childish funny one, so if you’re here for the laughs there is a couple but the comedy Friday thought will be next weeks one.



For a man fast approaching the big 40 thoughts of age & mortality set in, something that is very alien as until a couple of years ago I didn’t even think of myself as mature enough to be a father.

Thoughts like;

  • Have I left an impact on my surroundings?
  • Will I ever complete my bucket list? … <Link>
  • Did I really put enough effort into this life? (Apparently we only get one #YOLO!!)
  • Will anyone miss me when I’m gone?

Now don’t panic … I know that reads like I’m in a bout of depression …. I’m not, I don’t think so anyway!


I’ve just always thought of myself as very young at heart and a point blank refusal to grow up / always be the last man standing on a night out. However time catches up with us all and the birth of my little boy saw me give up playing rugby every Saturday and drinking to the small hours for a more sedate hobby of scuba diving which sees me home in time to spend time with the little man and put him to bed.

Things change / hobbies become less physical, nights out with the lads go from weekly to a couple of times a year when everyone’s calendars can align, but always seem a better night apart from the banter has switched from phwoar have you seen that fit bird over there to Peppa Pig / Iggle Piggle & potty training.

It’s strange to think I seem to have done all of my adult growing up in the last couple of years and the person responsible for that is my son, someone who is entirely reliant on me being a grown up (for the next 10-15 years anyway).

In a world filled with people leaving us way too young thoughts do drift to mortality and family health history and the determination to get fit and healthy which is why I keep signing up for Badass Mucker / Total Warrior / Tough Mudder, 2/3 every year just little targets to make sure I don’t sit on my ass and get fat(ter).

It just takes a little motivation and a group of good friends and you can stave of old age, stay young inside and like the saying goes “you’re only as old as the person you feel” so as the wife is a couple of years younger than me that will do nicely!!

Have a good weekend, see you all next week!!


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As the father of a 2 year old you find yourself immersed in kids TV at some point & to keep yourself from slipping into a coma you start to look at the subtext that your toddler just can’t see, I can’t complain too much we did pretty well and missed the whole Baby TV channel as he was more interested in the heavy beats from the Clubland & MTV Dance music channels.

Here is a few things I’ve picked up from the shows as I’ve gone along and now you’ve read them you can’t unsee them;


Fireman Sam


  1. For a small village of approx 10 people they have a helicopter mountain rescue, 3 fire vehicles and a lifeboat & no visitors!
  2. How Norman Price isn’t in borstal or been taken away by Social Services I’ll never know
  3. … although Norman is the only ginger kid with no obvious father and Fireman Sam is also red haired & the fire service never press charges …. coincidence??
  4. … also backed up by when Trevor says to Norman’s mum he used to be a boy scout she says “I love a man in uniform”
  5. Why do none of these people have causal clothes, the fire brigade / plumber etc all go to every event in uniform?


In the Night Gardennight

  1. There is definitely some shenanigans going on between Iggle Piggle & Upsy Daisy!
  2. Makka Pakka has a very strange fetish for washing people to the point where people run away from him.
  3. The Tomliboos …. not sure if these are really close brothers & sisters or a polygamous couple?


Peppa Pigpeppa

  1. Unbelievably sexist program, anything good is done by Mummy Pig and anything wrong / clumsy is always Daddy pig.
  2. That Peppa is so bossy i can’t wait until George grows up and give her what for!



Abney & Tealpg18-19-abney-teal-and-neep-1

  1. Is nobody looking for this homeless kid living on an island? Broken Britain I tell ya!
  2. What is that cross between an old man / teddy bear / mole?




Oh well that’s it for this week. Have a good weekend!



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In the first edition of this weekly blog I’d like to share this article I spotted online which makes perfect sense…Something to think about?

As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realise that wearing a £300 or a £30 watch – – they both tell the same time.

Whether we carry a £300 or a £30 wallet/handbag – – the amount of money inside is the same.

Whether we drink a bottle of £300 or £10 wine – – the hangover is the same.

Whether the house we live in is 100 or 1000 square metre. – – loneliness is the same.
You will realise, your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world.

Therefore, I hope you realise, when you have mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, who you chat with, laugh with, talk with, have sung songs with, talk about north-south-east-west or heaven and earth – – That is true happiness!!


1. Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be Happy. So when they grow up they will know the value of things not the price.

2: Best awarded words: “Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food.”

3: The One who loves you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons to give up he or she will find one reason to hold on.

4: There is a big difference between a human being and being human. Only a few really understand it.

5. You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die. In between, You have to manage!

6: If you just want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone! But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together!

1. Sunlight

2. Rest

3. Exercise

4. Diet

5. Self Confidence and

6. Friends/Family

Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy a healthy life.

The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.

So in summary, do what ever makes you happy in life, call that old friend for a pint / glass of wine, go play catch in the park with your children. Life isn’t all about chasing the money, yes it can buy you things but sometimes happiness can be taken for free.

Enjoy your weekend.



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